150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Chargers
  • 150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Chargers
  • 150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Chargers
  • 150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Chargers

150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Chargers

150KW CCS2 GBT DC Fast Chargers are designed for quick, reliable, intelligent, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models, including those equipped with high voltage battery systems. The compact size of 150KW DC fast charging station makes it perfect for public and fleet use, while its modularity allows an increase of charging power up to 150KW and serve up to two electric vehicles at the same time.
* Output power - 150KW
* Connector - CCS2 and GBT
* Network: 4G, Ethernet
* OCPP 1.6J supported
* TUV CE certification
* Standard - EU, Japan, China, and other places upon request
* Suitable for public parking lot, bus station, gas station, freeway service area
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What is EV DC Fast Charger?

Level 3 DC fast charger has compact design which can charge an electric vehicle to 80% within 30 minutes. It enables a 100-kilometer driving range in just 10 to 12 minutes. It directly deliver DC power, which significantly improves charging time.

Level 3 DC fast charge station main refers to three main power levels: 50kW for city use, 150kW for highways, and 350kW for supercars/trucks/buses. DC fast chargers usually include 15KW, 20kW or 30kW charging module and then stack them up to create a higher power DC charging system. 

ccs ev charging station

 150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Charger Features:

 - Driver-friendly multi-language charging interface with 8'' LCD touchscreen.

 - IP55 rated enclosure. Robust metal casing and semi-gross coating ensure long-term use for various installation locations.

 - CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T, and AC optional multi-connector output to charge all kinds of EVs.

 - Mobile app integration provides users with remote operation and real-time reminders.

 - LAN, 4G connections available.

 - Open Charge Point Protocol(OCPP) 1.6 and 2.0 support.

 - Intelligent load balancing technology for simultaneous charging of 2 electric vehicles.

 - Payment through RFID card, Mobile APP, or POS.

How does 150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Charger work? 

150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Charger  takes electricity through the grid, the charging pile itself has an inverter to change AC power into DC power, and then directly connects to both ends of the battery of the electric vehicle. In order to prevent the battery from being overcharged or unevenly charged, there is a battery management system (BMS) connected to both ends of the battery, which is the core technology of DC charging, this is the battery housekeeper, which can prevent many unsafe factors and improve the performance and life of the battery.

DC charging station adds a lot of safety detection and control, which greatly improves the safety of charging. Since the DC charging post adds DC power directly to both ends of the battery, the charging current can be set very large, so the charging time can be greatly reduced.

How Fast is 150kW CCS2 GBT PLUGS DC Fast Charger?

The charging speed of dc fast charger largely depends on battery request voltage and current, that is, there is charging multiplier, which is a measure of how quickly a battery is charged, and refers to the current value required to charge the battery to its rated capacity in a specified amount of time.Normally for most of vehicles with different battery, the charging speed may be slightly different. In most cases, 150kW dc fast charger can charge each to 80% within half an hour for evs.

Besides, the GRASEN EV charger has load balancing funtion, which ensures your charging stations have the electricity to keep up with customer demand. To be detailed, if you have more charging stations than power, but the dynamic load management program ensures dynamic load balancing, it can divide the energy across the chargers. For example, if you only have power for 4 EV chargers but have 10 on the property, you can use a program to keep everything balanced. When cars pull up to the 5th, 6th, and other chargers the program takes over managing the power. It tracks energy usage across the stations, automatically keeping energy usage below the maximum power draw.

Application of 150kW CCS2 GBT Plugs DC Fast Chargers

Public charging stations for public transportation, cabs, logistics vehicles, industrial parks;

Small communities, shopping malls, hotel chains and other institutions;

Municipalities, electric utilities, public utilities.

150kW CCS2 GBT Plugs DC Fast Chargers Price

The price for 150kW DC fast charger with CCS2 and GBT plugs is greatly affected by currency, raw material cost increase, labor cost and software upgrading. 

if you are interested in this model, please feel free to contact us.

150kW CCS2 GBT Plugs DC Fast Charger Supplier

Grasen is the first company to develop dc fast charger with CCS2 and GBT plugs, which meets the requirement of customers who has electric vehicles importing from China but seeking for fast charger locally. When installed in the public locations, it has more choices to charging for multiple plugs.CCS2 plugs are very common, but the charger with GBT and CCS2 plugs is customized solutions for customer.

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Product   Overview
DC Charging Station
Product Name150KW CCS CHADEMO DC Charging Station
Model No.GSCS750250A-T08
Electrical SpecificationsInput Voltage3-phase 400VAC (340V-480VAC)
Output Voltage200-750V DC
Output Current5-375A
Constant Power Range400-750V
Operating Frequency45-65Hz
Power Factor0.99
Standby Power Consumption22W
Function DesignCommunication   InterfaceEthernet/4G
Screen Size8''
Charging   ModeSingle gun charging; Two gun alternate charging
Structure AppearanceCharging Gun Cable   Length5m/7m
Fixed modeFloor-standing
Ambient TemperatureIPIP55
Cooling MethodForced Air-cooling
Working Temperature -30℃~+55
Storage Temperature -35℃~+55
Safety DesignProtective FunctionOvervoltage, Overcurrent, etc
CertificateCertificate No.AN504631360001
Reference StandardDIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772
CertificateCE certified by TUV
User Interface & ControlSupport LanguagesEnglish, or other languages required
Push ButtonsEmergency stop
User AuthenticationRFID card reader, user name & password, mobile No. & pin code

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